7 Best Android Phone Manufacturers Better than Tecno and Infinix

In countries like Nigeria and India, Android phone manufacturers such as Tecno and Infinix have been leading for years because of their cheap prices.

The issue is not the cheap prices, but people who don’t know about gadgets believe that Tecno and Infinix are the best android phone manufacturers in the market – which is not true.

Back in the day, we had mobile phones from the likes of Nokia, Samsung, Seimens, Motorola, Alcatel, etc. But we’ve since seen the slow transition from mobile/feature phones to smartphones in the last decade. 

The market was first dominated by the likes of BlackBerry while Tecno came around with affordable Android smartphones. And in the years that followed, we’ve witnessed the rise of newer brands. Some fell by the wayside, while others stood their ground–benefitting from the rewards accompanying such a burgeoning market.

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The Android smartphone market in Nigeria today is highly competitive as various brands tend to offer similar features. This has left customers with no choice but to settle for the more popular brands. Though there exists a huge competition in the industry, most smartphone users settle for either Tecno or Infinix.

Both brands have come a long way and have been etched in the hearts of smartphone lovers in the country. Popularity aside, Infinix and Tecno have continued to thrill us with top quality phones which are, as you know… affordable. They also have the two biggest artists in Nigeria as brand ambassadors — Tecno has Wizkid while Infinix got Davido.

However, in the Nigerian Android smartphone market, they are not the “best” brands out there. We’ve listed out the top 7 Android OEMs better than Infinix and Tecno. Though they lack the fame (at least for now), you’re assured of more quality when compared to Tecno and Infinix for a similar price tag/range.

Best Android Phone Manufacturers Better than Tecno and Infinix

#1. Samsung

Speaking of top android phone manufacturers, Samsung is heralded for its quality smartphones across different price points. They are ranked amongst the best worldwide. And in Nigeria, we believe they are the best as well.

Before now, Samsung was reserved for the “well-to-do”. But in the last couple of years, that line has been blurred out with the introduction of the A and M series. You get somewhat of flagship quality at a reduced price. 

When placed side-by-side with Tecno and Infinix devices in the same price bracket, Samsung offers more quality for money. Though they may be lacking in terms of battery capacity (which is a deal-breaker for most Nigerians), the overall experience is much better: from display to the camera, storage, speed, and updates.

#2. Nokia

After a long sabbatical, Nokia is back. And this time, they are back with a bang! We all loved and used Nokia’s Java and Symbian phones back in the days. And after many years of absence from the mobile market, they’re back with intent – rekindling the love we once had for their products.

The latest devices are nothing but absolute quality. Though they fall into the mid-range/low-budget smartphone category, they’ve also got a premium look which feels great. The display is good with cameras that take good photos, a much better GPU and CPU plus a near-stock Android UI.

However, if you’re a fancy battery over UI and overall performance then you might want to check out the next OEM on this list.

#3. Xiaomi

Yes! One of the fastest-growing android phone manufacturers that have been giving flagship Android manufacturers a run for their money. From specs to design and all-round performance, Xiaomi checks all the boxes for a decent smartphone (and a flagship device sometimes 😉).

For years now, the Android fanboys have been used to the endless customization that comes with the Android OS. And Xiaomi opens the door for more tweaking. Plus, you get the latest OS, regular system updates, top of the line processor, great battery (with fast charging capabilities), all enclosed in a good looking hardware.

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Though Xiaomi gives you numerous models to pick from, the Nigerian Market is currently dominated by the Redmi, Redmi Note, Mi, Note, and Mi Note models.

#4. Huawei

The Chinese smartphone giant! Yes, they’ve earned that crown and they’ve been ranked several times among the top 5 smartphone manufacturers worldwide. At some point, Huawei became the highest-selling brand in the US ahead of Apple and Samsung.

But that was cut short after Huawei’s deal with Google was terminated due to suspicions of spying. This saw the removal of Google Play Services from phones manufactured by the Chinese smartphone giant. 

Take nothing away from Huawei though, as they’ve always released top of the line smartphones across different price points. Huawei’s custom Kirin chipset is ranked among the top 3 SoC’s. And as far as mobile photography goes, you get a wonderful experience for an affordable price.

#5. Oppo

One of the android phone manufacturers in the market doing great things today… Oppo came into the market with great prospects and they’ve followed through by producing spectacular phones. Oppo certainly makes better phones than our Transition Holdings brothers.

From design to display, battery, camera, and UI, Oppo gives you good value for money. The battery on Oppo devices is quite huge but you also get flash charging up 18W to top up your battery. 

A worthy alternative to the likes of Tecno and Infinix in all aspects plus, more features and cameras that take quality photos. The Oppo A, F, Reno, K, and Realme series are all available across different online stores in Nigeria.

#6. Vivo

Just like Oppo, Vivo is one of the brands owned by the Chinese firm, BBK Electronics. At BBK, customer satisfaction is very key which is why their smartphone brands check all the right boxes. 

When it comes to device performance, gaming, photography, design, and battery, you’ve got to give kudos to Vivo as their phones are equipped with a much better chipset than the boys from Transition Holdings. 

Also, Vivo is pretty innovative and has had some innovative products released in the last couple of years. Most recently is the Vivo v20 which charges fully in about 49 minutes – less than one hour! 

Though they are considered mid-range/low-budget, Vivo devices got this premium look and feel to them. Some also have anti-scratch protection on both the front and back of the device. So, head over to your favorite online store and pick from their list of amazing devices.

#7. Gionee 

Once heralded for their huge battery capacity, Gionee has produced some of the best smartphones witnessed by the Nigerian market. We all fell in love with the Marathon (M-series) which were battery champs. And they’ve continued to dish out wonderful phones for its customers in the country.

We give them a big thumbs up for maintaining their consistency in the battery department. Performance is also top-notch with a good chipset plus adequate storage (RAM and ROM) which is now provided in their latest devices. Best of all, Gionee phones are pretty affordable yet powerful.

CONCLUSION: Best Android Phone Manufacturers

Tecno and Infinix no doubt are two android phone manufacturers in their own right. They’ve managed to churn out some pretty cool Android smartphones over the years.

And as their market dominance in Nigeria continues due to obvious reasons, this post seeks to remind smartphone users and enthusiasts that other brands offer more value for money. 

And if that’s what you want, do well to check out any of the listed brands above. But just in case you own any device from the brands listed above, do well to share your usage experience below.

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