All Xiaomi Smart Watches: Review and Prices in 2021

It’s all about the smartwatches! And in today’s post, Xiaomi smart watches are our subject of focus. 

This is a big industry that is gradually gaining traction. Smartwatches are taking away the fashion-only aspect of wristwatches. From just checking the time, to wearing for fashion, you can now do more right from your wrist.

All Xiaomi Smart Watches, Review and Price

There are quite a good number of smartwatches out in the market, most prominent is the iWatch from Apple. But the Mi Watch and Mi Band did catch our attention recently. 

Which is why we’ll be giving you our take on them. And maybe, just like us, they could catch your attention.

  • Mi Watch

This is the first iteration of the Mi Watch and dare I say that they look gorgeous. A lot of work had to be put into designing such a beauty. It comes in three watch colors and six strap colors. So, depending on your style you can customize the watch to fit in perfectly with your clothing.

But it isn’t all about the design, the functionalities are also amazing. The Mi Watch was built for sports tracking and it does that plus more, pretty well. There are over 100 expanded sports tracking modes and we might see more in the future.

The Mi Watch is waterproof and can survive under 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. You can take this out for mild swimming and expect it to keep ticking. And just so you know, swimming is among the many sports that you get to track on this Watch. 

Aside from these, the Mi Watch could serve as your mobile physician. It does a good job in monitoring your heart rate, tracks your sleep, and trains your breathing. It also has a blood oxygen tracking feature which is handy especially for the elderly who are more susceptible to HBP.

The Mi Watch comes with a 450mAh battery that could last you up to 16 days on a full charge. And according to Xiaomi, you can get up to 50 hours on when sports tracking is activated. This can also serve for 22 days when power saving mode is activated.

Price of Mi Watch: 

    • Aliexpress – ~N40,000
    • Amazon – ~$120
  • Mi Watch Lite

The Mi Watch comes alongside its junior sibling – the Mi Watch Lite. In terms of design, this looks elegant as well. Here, we’ve got a 1.4-inch rectangular screen unlike the rounded watch face on the Mi Watch. This comes with 3 watch cases color options and 5 color options for the straps.

To bring life to your display, Xiaomi is offering over 100 watch faces to customize your smartwatch. This Watch is also water-resistant: it’s got a 5 ATM in 50 meters water resistance rating. So, expect this watch to go through all harsh training conditions with you. 

Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, the Mi Watch Lite comes with 11 workout modes. This includes your favorite workouts like running, treadmill, swimming, and more. Just like the Mi Watch, the Lite also comes with a sleep tracking feature. 

There’s also a heart rate monitor for everyone who uses the Mi Watch Lite. This is not a substitute for your usual medical checkup where you see a physician. Tracking here is not exactly up to medical standards. But they try to do a good job of notifying you when your heart condition goes abnormal.

You get to enjoy all these and many more for up to 9 days. Using the watch in workout mode will however give over 20 hours of use before having to recharge. Overall this is a perfect smartwatch for those who don’t just care about their health, but also care about their style.

Price of Mi Watch Lite:

    • Aliexpress – ~N22,000
    • Amazon – ~$73
  • Mi Smart Band 5

The Mi Smart Band 5 doesn’t just look amazing to the eyes, it comes with lots of functionalities that sets it apart. They come in 6 strap color options for you to choose from. The strap can be easily adjusted without falling off as it has a cool alignment design.

Getting into the Smart Band proper, it’s all about fitness and health monitoring. There are 11 sports modes for your workout needs. This applies to indoor and outdoor sporting activities, including water sports. The Smart Band 5 was made to wear all day, whether you’re working out, sleeping, or just going about your normal life.

It can smartly monitor certain health conditions and give you live updates. The Mi Smart Band 5 monitors your heart rate just like every other smartwatch out there. And for ladies, it is also able to smartly keep track of your menstrual cycle. 

Sleep tracking and breath monitoring are also some health functionalities that come with the Smart Band 5. These are all categorized into Personal Activity Intelligence, Stress Monitoring, and Breathing Exercises. You can even do more with the Mi Fit App where you get to see more details on your health status.

Just like the Mi Watch, using the Smart Band 5 guarantees you up to 14 days of normal use and up to 20 hours on power-saving mode. 

Price of Mi Smart Band 5: 

    • Jumia: ~N25,000
    • Konga – ~N27,000
    • Aliexpress – ~N17,000
    • Amazon – ~$40
    • Flipkart – ₹3,699
  • Mi Smart Band 4

A Smart Band that does more than just monitor your health, that’s the Mi Smart Band 4. This has an AMOLED display that lights up quite nicely. It even allows you to see your updates even under direct sunlight. 

Speaking of updates, you get a lot on the Smart Band 4. By a lot, I mean handy updates and not spam. This goes from health alerts like heart rate to personal alerts which discourages you from developing a sedentary habit. All these are made possible by what Xiaomi calls the Idle display – an equivalent of the Always-ON feature on AMOLED smartphones.

The display size is pretty small, but it does get the job done. Things like text, call, and even music controls can be carried out right from your wrist. There’s also an alarm feature on here. When it rings, the vibration motors makes it feel as though you’re being tapped on the wrist. 

The Mi Smart Band 4 is also water-resistant. There is also sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring which works by default. There are just a few workouts mode and this translates to a 20 days battery life. This gets the job done, no doubt. My biggest concern lies in the display size as I’ll be straining my eyes to read text on the screen.

Price of Mi Smart Band 4:

    • Konga – ~N25,000
    • Aliexpress – ~N14,000
    • Amazon – ~$40
    • Flipkart – ₹2,499
  • Mi Smart Band 4C

So, the Mi Smart Band 4 is the most unique of all Xiaomi’s smartwatches. The design is different from the rest of the bunch. But it does share some similarities in terms of features and functionalities. It comes in 4 colors and a wide variety of watch faces to fit your style.

The display is a 1.08-inch TFT display that produces vibrant colors. This shows your different notifications from your SMS to incoming calls and even health alerts. The Mi Smart Band 4C allows you to control music playback, view text messages as they arrive, get reminders, and many more.

Just like the rest, the Smart Band 4C also helps with sleep-tracking and all-day heart rate monitoring. You also get to see other health-based notifications like the current temperature and more. It is also water-resistant for up to 50 meters in water. And with just 2 hours you can watch it at full charge. With this, you can access all the features of the Smart Band 4C for up to 14 days.

Price of Mi Smart Band 4C:

  • Aliexpress – ~N11,000
  • Amazon – ~$20

CONCLUSION: Are Xiaomi Smartwatches Worth Buying?

YES, Xiaomi Smartwatches are one of the best and most affordable smartwatches outside there.

Xiaomi Smartwatches were not just built for the health benefits only, but also to fit your style needs. They are not as expensive as other brands, yet they find a way to offer more for less. So, what’s your preferred choice? 

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